A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1677

Chapter 1677 Gone Without A Trace

“Your Majesty, what should we do?” Monisha was a little worried.

There was always strength in numbers. The combined influence of netizens was unimaginable. Sometimes, help from netizens was essential to resolve a crime.

Nancy uttered coldly, “Have you deleted all the footage from the surveillance cameras along the way?”

Monisha nodded. “Ms. Linda deserves the credit this time. If it wasn’t for her, the footage could have become evidence to locate the boy.”

“Give this card to her and tell her this is the reward!” Nancy took out a card from within a drawer and handed it to Monisha as she spoke. Ever since she became a consort inside the palace, Nancy acquired the skill to let others do her bidding by using the power of money.

Monisha received the ATM card and placed it in her pocket, planning to send the card to Linda later.

“Aaron is becoming more rebellious. Does he think he can do as he pleases and go against me now that he is the king?” Nancy said grimly.

If she knew Aaron would behave in such an unruly manner, Nancy might not have harmed Dylan.

“Your Majesty, His Majesty is still young. He will acknowledge your prowess in ruling after some time.” Monisha flashed a grin at Nancy. “His Majesty was personally brought up by Your Majesty, so there’s no way he would defy you. His Majesty is probably misguided by some bad people at the moment, causing him to act in this disobedient manner.”

Nancy narrowed her eyes while listening to Monisha’s words. She wondered if things were true as the latter described.

Is there really someone whispering ill advice in Aaron’s ear?

Nancy’s face darkened. Regardless of the culprit, Nancy would make sure they suffered a fate worse than death for their attempt to mislead Aaron if she discovered who they are.

“That’s enough. You may leave and attend to your duties now.”

Sonia had been paying attention to the reports on the internet. She became excited when information about the little boy was circulating on the web again. His news had swiftly become a sensation.

One of the netizens commented: Oh my. What happened just now? Why were all the news articles gone without a trace?

Another wrote: That’s right. I was about to post a comment but realized every related article had disappeared.

Someone typed: Luckily, the articles are back. Otherwise, we will never know what happens to the child afterward.

Another netizen mentioned: Hopefully, the officials can keep us updated on this matter, so we can know when the little boy is found.

Noticing the majority of netizens taking that little boy’s kidnap seriously, Sonia could finally relax. They would only be able to locate the missing child quicker with more people being aware of the news. With that thought in her mind, she hurriedly dialed Bella’s number.


Sonia felt unsettled when she heard Bella’s quivering voice.

“Bella, don’t worry. My father and the others have already begun their investigation. I believe we will locate that child very soon.” Despite how upset Sonia was, she knew Bella and her sister were feeling more wretched.

“Thank you, Sonia,” Bella expressed her heartfelt gratitude.

Ever since that incident occurred, Bella’s family members had not taken any action, rendering her crestfallen.

Arielle had been checking every surveillance footage inside the condominium to figure out where the little boy had disappeared and gone.

She stared at the computer screen for nearly an hour, but her effort had been unfruitful. Therefore, she could not help feeling a little perturbed. After all, the missing boy was too young. If anything terrible befell the child, his parents would never be able to come to terms with such an outcome.

Baby, you must hang in there until I locate your whereabouts. Arielle continued boring her eyes into the screen while praying inwardly.

Suddenly, she fixated her gaze on one particular spot.

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