A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1676

Chapter 1676 Defy

“Ari, have you seen the news on the internet?” Sonia called and choked up as she spoke.

Sensing something was wrong after hearing Sonia’s voice, Arielle hurriedly asked, “I just saw it. What happened?”

“That child is from Bella’s family. I attended the boy’s baby shower previously. Unexpectedly, he was kidnapped.”

Sonia was about to give birth to her child, so she especially shared that sentiment at that moment. She felt agonized to the extent of having the urge to cry at the thought of her child being kidnapped by a criminal and going missing with an unknown fate.

Bella? Isn’t she Sonia’s follower, who tagged along with Sonia and attended my class previously?

“Don’t cry. Leave that matter to me. I’ll carry out an investigation.”

Sonia was stunned briefly after listening to Arielle’s words. “Carry out an investigation? How will you investigate that matter?”

Sonia contacted Arielle because she needed to talk to someone to vent the discomfort she felt. However, when Arielle mentioned she would look for the little boy, Sonia was a little surprised. How is she going to do that? After all, Arielle was just a doctor not a police.

“Ari, you are a doctor, not the police. How helpful can you be in searching for someone?” Sonia sniffled. “Harvey and my father are already pursuing that matter. I hope we can find the kid.”

Only very few people knew of Arielle’s identity as a hacker. Even Harvey did not know about her capabilities.

“Okay. I got it,” Arielle replied while taking out her laptop and beginning her search.

On the other end of the line, Sonia heard the sound of Arielle typing on the keyboard. She immediately realized the latter was busy, so she quickly found an excuse to hang up the phone.

After ending the call, Arielle launched the web browser to search for news about the missing boy. However, not a piece of information was available.

She frowned. What’s going on? Why has this piece of news disappeared?

Amidst her contemplation, Arielle’s phone rang again. Noticing Sonia contacting her again, she picked up the call.

“Ari, did you see it? The news has vanished from the internet. I reconfirmed this issue with Bella through the phone earlier, and she told me the boy is still missing. However, all the videos on the internet are gone,” Sonia uttered anxiously.

“Sonia, I’m aware of this problem now. Don’t worry. I’ll look into this.” With that, she hung up the call and refocused her attention on the laptop screen. Her fingers flew across the keyboard, typing rapidly to try to dig out any useful information available.

“Hello? Hello? Hello?”

Sonia was dumbfounded as she stared at her phone after the call was cut off, but she hastily paid attention to the disappeared news again. Sonia dialed her father’s number to inquire about that matter. However, Lawrence had been occupied with his search for clues, so he was ignorant of that matter.

“Sonia, I’m hanging up now. I have some matters to attend to.” Lawrence ended the call after saying that. Then, he contacted someone else and was informed that Nancy suppressed the spread of the news over the internet.

“Why did she do that? We can only locate the boy more quickly and efficiently if this issue garners public attention. Without any news circulating, how are we going to find him?” Lawrence sounded a little displeased.

The golden time to find the boy is very limited. Yet, she’s subduing the dissemination of necessary information. Can she handle the consequences of doing so?

After Aaron knew of that matter, he immediately asked his men to continue spreading the news. Upon learning his action, Nancy smashed her phone on the ground angrily. “How dare he defy me!”

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