A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1675

Chapter 1675 Living Hell

When Monisha returned, Nancy shot her an icy glare. “Monisha, get someone to seize Arielle. I want to make her life a living hell!”

I can’t believe a young girl fooled me easily! I’ve never been this aggrieved! The more Nancy thought about it, the angrier she got. She wanted nothing more than to kill Arielle right then and there.

“Your Majesty, please calm down,” Monisha said hastily. “It won’t be appropriate for you to lay a finger on her with her current identity.”

Nancy knew she was right, but she couldn’t take it anymore.

Arielle humiliated me. It’s all her fault. I want her dead!

“I can’t take this in silence!” Nancy snapped irritably. “Then get someone to teach her a lesson. I won’t be able to sleep until she has been taught a lesson!”

Monisha knew Nancy had relented, so she didn’t have another choice other than to nod in agreement. Back in her room, she made the call. A while later, she came out and told Nancy that her order had been relayed. It would take a few days to carry out her mandate.

They needed time to find out Arielle’s address and usual routes.

Nancy wanted to teach Arielle a lesson immediately, but she knew it was impossible. Thus, she tamped down her frustration. I’ll be patient for a few more days if Arielle gets what she deserves.

“Your Majesty, they’ve failed again. This time, they want smaller subjects,” Monisha whispered in Nancy’s ear.

Nancy’s expression changed slightly. I’ve given them so many subjects to experiment on. Why did they fail yet again?

“Hurry up and send someone to get a few more before sending them over. Tell them to use the subjects slowly,” Nancy commanded sternly.

Monisha nodded and returned to her room to carry out Nancy’s order.

Three days later, news of the kidnapping of an eight-month-old baby boy caused an uproar online. The netizens in Turlen were shocked to learn about that and flooded the internet with comments.

Oh, dear. What is going on? This is the first news I’ve read today. I hope the baby will be safe!

Poor baby. Please be safe!

I’m scared. My baby is around his age, too. Who kidnapped this little boy?

Hopefully, he’ll be home safe and sound soon.

Please let him be safe. His parents must be anxious!

The kidnapper who kidnapped him must be arrested and sent to jail!

That’s too light a punishment. He must be sentenced to death immediately!

In the palace, Monisha reported the news to Nancy when she read it online.

“Ask someone to put a lid on the news,” Nancy ordered icily.

She feared the dire consequences that would ensue should that incident blow out of proportion.

“Your Majesty, they said one subject isn’t enough. They want five more,” Monisha said, looking troubled.

Nancy snarled, “Tell them to wait!”

“They want the subjects in two days,” Monisha added.

They are forcing me into a corner! How can I find five more subjects in two days? Everyone is talking about the kidnapping. How can I do this right now?

Narrowing her eyes, she summoned Monisha and whispered something in her ear. Comprehension dawned on Monisha as she flashed a smile and exited the room.

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