A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1674

Chapter 1674 The Consequences Of Angering Her

Two days later, Monisha came to Nancy with a smile on her lips. “Your Majesty, the surveillance footage has been recovered.”

“Really?” Nancy had lost all hope, so she brightened up at the news. “When was it recovered? Did you see who the culprit was?”

“Just a while ago. I came here straight away to report the good news to you and didn’t get to see it yet,” Monisha replied. Nancy immediately urged, “Come, let’s go together.”

She couldn’t wait to find out who was bold enough to rob her right before the palace gates and even hack into the internet to delete the surveillance footage of the incident.

Together with Monisha and the servant, Nancy went to the control room to check the surveillance footage.

There, Monisha introduced Linda to Nancy.

Even the Duke had to show Nancy respect, let alone Linda.

“Your Majesty,” Linda greeted Nancy with a bow.

“Mm.” Nancy gazed at her regally. “I heard that the surveillance footage has been restored.”

“Yes, it has been restored,” Linda confirmed coolly.

She had assumed that restoring the surveillance footage wouldn’t take long. To her surprise, she had to work for several days to fix it. Most importantly, the people inside the footage were the same people the Duke wanted to kill. She would’ve reported the matter to the Duke if she wasn’t in the palace.

“Show them to me!” Nancy ordered.

Linda clicked on the computer, and the surveillance footage showing various angles appeared on the screen.

“Do you know who they are?” Linda asked as she zoomed in.

Nancy inched nearer and frowned when she realized who it was. So Arielle and Vinson were the ones who took the flash drive away from Monisha. They must be the ones who wiped out the surveillance footage, too!

She recalled how she had failed to restore the surveillance footage even after spending tons of money hiring the best hackers and frowned in displeasure. How are they so capable? Does that mean they were the ones who sent the photos to my computer? Were they also the ones who make the images viral online previously?

Nancy’s scowl deepened, and the surrounding temperature dropped.

“D*mn it!” Nancy slammed the table with her fist when she recalled how humiliated she was when the photos were leaked.

Monisha had no idea Nancy would blow her top in front of someone else. “Your Majesty,” she reminded urgently.

“Thanks for this,” Nancy thanked Linda gratefully. If not for Linda, it would have taken ages for her to find out the culprit behind this.

Linda shook her head calmly. It was her job, so she didn’t deserve Nancy’s gratitude.

“If that’s all, I shall take my leave now.” She didn’t get to rest well for the past few days as she had been busy restoring the surveillance footage.

Nancy nodded and ordered Monisha to arrange for the chauffeur to give Linda a ride home.

Monisha ensured Linda got into the car before returning to the control room. Nancy was gone, so she hurried back to Nancy’s place.

“D*mn it! I will never let them off the hook!” Nancy huffed when she was back in her room.

Arielle was a Chanaean diplomat under their protection, but she refused to let Arielle off the hook. I must arrest and torture her so that she knows the consequences of angering me.

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