A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1673

Chapter 1673 Failing To Find Her

He immediately dialed Clement’s number but got the same notification. Realizing something had gone horribly wrong, he strode toward the bedroom.

He opened the bedroom door and flung the doors to the closet open. Alicia’s clothes were gone, but the check he had left behind that day was still in its original spot.

He gripped the check so hard that his veins bulged. Taking a deep breath, he fished out his phone and made a call. “Find out where Alicia is now.”

He then hung up and sat on the edge of the bed with his brows furrowed.

Aaron had no idea he would come home one day to see all traces of Alicia wiped out of the apartment. He thought she would always be there whenever he returned.

His subordinate was quick. Less than twenty minutes later, Alicia’s information was sent to him.

Alicia majored in economics. She had a grandfather, father, stepmother, and two half-siblings. Last Wednesday, she took a two-year leave of absence from the university.

Aaron’s expression was as dark as thunder. He didn’t expect to hear that at all. At once, he ordered his subordinate to find out where Alicia had gone to.

After hanging up, he stared out the window blankly. He had no idea Alicia would leave him without even leaving any letter behind.

“Alicia, have you ever loved me?” Aaron mumbled as he shut his eyes. Images of Alicia smiling adorably, acting sensibly, crying sadly, and being like a virtuous wife popped up in his mind.

How did I lose her? Why does my heart hurt?

He got up, walked to the window, and stood there silently. Then, pulling out his lighter, he lit a cigarette and stared at the city lights, his heart cold.

Alicia was staring at the stars in the sky outside her wooden shed on an island. “Aaron, do you know I’ve left the apartment? Do you know I’ve canceled my phone number? And that I’ve asked for a two-year leave of absence from university? You’re getting engaged today. I wish you all happiness!”

The thought of a woman eating with him, sleeping with him on the same bed, and giving birth to his child went through Alicia’s heart like an iron shard.

I wish I could ignore everything else and stay with him, but I can’t be this selfish. Aaron has just acceded to the throne. He needs support and help from the rich and powerful. The future queen’s father is a powerful general. I can’t get in Aaron’s way. I need to stay away from him and watch him be happy.

She touched her belly and whispered, “Aaron, I’ll give birth to our child and bring him up.”

But this poor child is going to be fatherless.

Aaron had no idea of her plan, let alone know that she was pregnant with his child. If he had known, he would’ve protected her and agreed to let her give birth to the child.

In fact, he wished to have a blissful family with his own children. Right now, he was infuriated by Alicia’s disappearance.

“You can’t find her? Not even from any transportation information?” Aaron’s expression turned grim. “You must find her no matter what.”

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