A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1671

Chapter 1671 She Is My Wife

Arielle was peeved when she realized who it was. Why is it her again?

“Dr. Moore, aren’t you married to Mr. Knightley? Who is this man?” Nico demanded as she glared at Arielle.

After Nancy’s secretary released the announcement, she knew that the woman who married Knightley was Arielle in disguise.

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect that Arielle would show up with another man today. This man was better and more charming than Knightley. She would’ve fallen for this man if she wasn’t in love with Knightley.

“My husband, of course,” came Arielle’s answer.

Feeling outrageous, Nico snapped, “Dr. Moore, how could you be this shameless? You’re married to Mr. Knightley but got involved with another man. You’re really—”

“Who gave you the right to talk to my wife like that?” Vinson growled as he directed a hostile glare at Nico.

Nico was shocked when she heard his voice. This voice… This voice belongs to…

“You’re Mr. Knightley!”

Her surprise quickly turned to disappointment. They are both Chanaeans. Are they married for real? Is there no more hope for me? Do I really have to marry Aaron?

“Nico, you’re Aaron’s fiancée, so please mind your attitude and stay away from my husband.” Having said that, Arielle left with Vinson.

Nico hated being addressed as Aaron’s fiancée, but she couldn’t get rid of it. She stood rooted to the spot and balled up her fists as she stared at their retreating figures. A while later, she scowled and strode away.

Time flew by quickly, and it was soon the day of Aaron and Nico’s engagement. Aaron was the king, and Nico was the daughter of a general. Their lavish engagement party created an uproar all over the country.

Many guests were invited to the party, and countless luxury cars could be seen entering the hotel.

Arielle arrived at the hotel to attend Aaron’s engagement party with Vinson as she had been sent an invitation card.

She wasn’t optimistic about their relationship, for Nico was obviously in love with Vinson. She had texted Aaron and asked him if he loved Nico a while ago. If he didn’t like her, she would try her best to stop them from getting engaged.

However, he had told her to stay out of his business. As he had his plan, Arielle couldn’t well butt into his business.

This time, she wanted to see Aaron getting engaged on behalf of her father. No matter what he would do, she wanted to witness it on behalf of their father.

However, her confusion heightened when she saw Aaron scowling through the whole process.

Why did he agree to this when he didn’t want to get engaged to Nico? Did the queen mother threaten him?

Arielle’s expression darkened. If the queen mother did threaten him, I will do whatever I can to call off their engagement. I only have one little brother, and I want him to be happy.

At the engagement party, Nico narrowed her eyes when she spotted Arielle and Vinson showing up together.

“Aaron, I need to touch up my makeup. I’ll be right back,” she said. Without waiting for a reply, she spun on her heels and left.

“What are you doing?”

The sudden voice caused Nico’s hands to tremble, and some of the white powder fell onto the table.

Turning over her shoulder, she relaxed when she spotted Aaron standing behind her.

“Why are you here?”

“Who is this drink for?” Aaron pinned her with a withering stare.

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